The long war of succession has been going on for so many years and it seems so Yoshihiro Togashi is far from finished. At the moment, many Hunter x Hunter chapters have been written but not yet drawn, but it's the ones about to release that we need to focus on. And the story didn't look good for the spider.

Looking back at the birth of the Ghost Brigade has made the birthplace of this crime group clear, but in Hunter x Hunter 398 change everything. In fact, we return to the present, with the past interrupted by Quoll and the others. In their place are the adult Nobunagas, Phinks, and Feitan, who are still searching for the Heil-Ly family's hideout. They take advantage of the customers settled in these rooms and inspect the corridor in search of possible traps and clues.

However, meeting Hinrigh seems to push her in a new direction. In fact, the right-hand man of the Xi-Yu family hatches a plan to find the enemy's hideout. He turns a transceiver into an oyster and decides to use a teleporter and act as decoy, giving the tracker to the Phantom Brigade trio. Hinrigh then teleports to a distant room where nobody is and is joined by Nobunaga soon after.

The two start inspecting the area, which looks like a transit area heavily used by Kakin's mafia family, who they are trying to destroy. Door to door, everything seems to lead to dead ends, however the last room could hide something instead. Will the two be able to find some clues in the next chapter of Hunter x Hunter?

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