The series of My hero academia continues to receive general approval from readers, particularly the recent events told by Kohei Horikoshi in the recently published chapters, from the incredible Midoriya-Shigaraki clash to the toga-Ochaco meeting.

The hard blow that the young villain suffered after the death of Twice, to whom she was deeply bound, led her to Intercept a hero for answersalthough they only wanted revenge for the loss they had suffered. In the central part of Chapter 288, Ochaco goes to an area of ​​the city to save as many people as possible devastating advance of GigantomachySuddenly he finds himself in front of a bare toga that begins to ask questions about the hero's behavior towards the villains.

However, Spinner told her at the beginning of the chapter before letting go of the girl: "Toga, I know we're a group of hikers who found each other, but you're not the only one who thinks like that twice. The Union was the only place he belonged to, and the boss probably wants that we stay together. I know what we want is villain style but you better come back.""

These words surprised fans not a little, both because they underlined again how much the bad guys are actually united, and especially when you consider that the clash between Ochaco and Toga is still going on and it could prove fatal to both. Remember a fan spotted a detail from One For All, and we'll leave you for a fun cosplay from Deku mimicking All Might.

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