After Izuku Midoriya and the other protagonists of My Hero Academia had spent almost the entire first year of school in Yuei, they were faced with an almost unsurpassable mission: that of Destroy the young army that will devastate modern Japanese society.

There Battle from My Hero AcademiaIn the last few chapters he saw Midoriya on one side and Shigaraki on the other. The two are each owner of the One for All and the All for One and trigger a clash that marks the climax of the generation war. With My Hero Academia 286 we saw the world of One for All. What will happen in the next chapter?

My Hero Academia 287 will arrive on MangaPlus on October 11th and will see the old owners of One for All compete against Shigaraki's masters. Most likely, he will be able to take over the student's body and actually be reborn. Horikoshi could show us all seven previous owners of the quirk, who will unite to drive the enemy from the remains of One for All.

The battle will take place around the world of Eigenart and we will likely learn new secrets about the two generators of this battle. My Hero Academia 287 will therefore be the beginning of a new phase of the battle, maybe the last.

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