Lately Tomura Shigaraki has managed to get her hands on a power that is beyond imagination. however The intervention of the heroes blocked its developmentwhich makes it only 75% effective. A character that does not allow him to face the protagonists of My Hero Academia correctly.

He got into such trouble first by Deku and then by Endeavor that All for One had to come out with his will at the end of chapter 285 of My Hero Academia. As a result, Bakugo was wounded and Deku's ensuing anger once again rushed full force at the enemy. While Shigaraki gives in, he gives in to his master My Hero Academia 286a tug of war begins.

In fact, you can see them in the remains Two personalities living in Shigaraki's body collide. All for One wants to take total control of the student's body to fight and finally absorb the One for All, while Shigaraki is determined to give up the teacher and be the protagonist of this new crime story himself.

With Nana Shimura and presumably the former owners of One for All returning to the scene, Tomura Shigaraki is in danger of losing dramatically after going this far. Will he be able to win this tug of war or will he succumb to the hands of his master or the heroes? My Hero Academia 287 could give us some of these answers.

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