Akira Amano is a well-known author in Japan. The mangaka has spawned well-known works around the world, from Tutor Hitman Reborn to Eldlive and Psycho Pass. Amano is currently busy with Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective, but she's also been hired for a Dragon Ball related project.

In fact, Shueisha publishing house has been launching a special project to mark the anniversary of Dragon Ball for some time. It's about the Dragon Ball Gallery Project, with several very famous mangakas who have written the recent and past history of the publishing house to redesign the covers of the volumes of Toriyama's manga. The last one was presented by the author of Kuroko's Basket.

Now it's Akira Amano's turn. The author of Tutor Hitman Reborn reimagines Dragon Ball the choice of the cover of volume 4 of the manga. In the original, a child Goku was seen from behind aboard some sort of flying motorcycle with a propeller. Akira Amano chose to always shoot this version but change the frame. This way it's possible to see Goku from above and from the side as he drives this ancient and futuristic looking vehicle.

Do you like it? Dragon Ball reinterpretation designed by Akira Amano?

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