My Hero Academia 286: breakneck excitement for the next chapter, predictions and date

There have been a lot of battles in the final chapters of My Hero Academia, but most of them sold out. Now only a few clashes are missing from the end of a storyline that brings out the best in Kohei Horikoshi's manga and skills.

Finally we came across the personal confrontation between Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya. My Hero Academia protagonist and antagonist in comparison, especially in the final two chapters, the 1 VS 1 clash that fans have long dreamed of came true. But with the latest happenings, something new can be unleashed.

In My Hero Academia 285, we saw Bakugo suffer the blow from All for One that spawned this ancient force that could steal quirks. The attack pierces the body of the explosive boy who managed to save Deku in time. What will happen in My Hero Academia 286? after this gesture?

The chapter in Publication on MangaPlus on Sunday October 4th at 6:00 p.m. he will certainly let us witness the consequences of the attack. Deku will hardly be able to concentrate on the fight and will do everything possible to get his local friend to safety, while Shigaraki would have a free hand to regenerate and carry out a new offensive.

The protagonist of My Hero Academia seems to be at the limit of his strength and unless he pulls out a new quirk from the previous owners of One for All he will run into trouble in battle after a few minutes of being the master. In the region, only a possible new awakening of Eraserhead could rebalance the situation in favor of the protagonists. However, it cannot be ruled out that after a chapter that is entirely to the benefit of All for One, The appearance in the Gigantomachia area does not occurand put extra pressure on the heroes.

We'll find out what to expect from My Hero Academia readers in a few days.

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