With only two days left to practice controlling the power of his inner demon, Asta has pushed herself over the edge. But only Nacht's obvious magical superiority led him to unlock a new form. We discover the whole power of the protagonist of Black clover.

In Black Clover episode 272, the invasion of the Kingdom of Swords it is now imminent. The Black Bulls and the Golden Dawn want revenge on the Dark Triad at all costs, and the best members of the two groups train intensively to do so.

Responsible for Asta's training is night, who through his mastery of devilish powers helped the protagonist to connect with his inner demon love. But when Black Clover's deputy captain of the Black Bulls observed the sudden brotherhood between the two, he had to remember his tragic past. Precisely this flashback leads Nacht to increase the stakes and reveal his final movewho have favourited Mana Zone: Dark Prison Hunting Grounds.

This technique envelops Asta and love a dark prison of mana which makes it impossible to see anything. In addition, two shadow arms begin to hit the duo. Despite working together, the protagonist and the demon cannot keep the attacks at bay. but this moment of desperation awakens a new phenomenal hidden force.

A bright light appears in the Mana Prison that terrifies the night. Why the deputy captain is so scared is still unclear, but most likely Asta and love could have given birth a shape that has never been seen before in the magical kingdom. In Black Clover 273, everything is ready for the final battle.

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