There is a lot of news on Prime Video for December 2020. In addition to numerous films and TV series, the eagerly awaited will appear on the Amazon streaming platform fourth season of The Attack of the Giants, final act of Hajime Isayama's work.

The Attack of the Giants 4 is not only part of the VVVVID winter plan, but will also appear on Amazon Prime Video. From December 8th, the final saga of the adventures of Eren and his companions will be available in simulcast with one episode per week. The anime will also arrive in Simuldab after a few days from December 19.

The fourth series of The Attack of the Giants airs every Tuesday evening on Prime Video and, as confirmed by Netflix, it will be split in two. The first course was supposed to consist of 16 episodes, but at the moment the total number of episodes for this fourth season is unknown.

In addition to the final part of Isayama's work, Prime Video will air the first season of Cat's Eyes, Cult anime of the eighties. The second and final part will arrive on December 15th. Written and drawn by Tsukasa Hojo, Cat's Eyes is one of the fan-favorite manga and one of the first anime shows in Italy. The work tells the story of three thieves of works of art.

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