My Hero Academia is about a relentless battle between villain and hero. In two locations in Japan, groups of protagonists and antagonists give each other a good reason to overpower the other faction. At the head of the group of villains is Tomura Shigaraki, who has returned regenerated from recent events.

While Shibuya My Hero Academia 28 advertises Shigaraki with a great protagonist, those who read the manga weekly on Weekly Shonen Jump or on MangaPlus know that the villain is putting the protagonists to the test. When he faces Deku, he becomes his temporary destination is Aizawa That blocks all of his new skills.

For this reason, in My Hero Academia, Shigaraki uses 282 anti-quirk bullets as a weapon and uses one of them to manage to hit Aizawa. However, the professor manages to counteract the effects of the blow by cutting off his leg. In doing so, however, he exposes himself to the attack of the villain. Shigaraki hits Aizawa's face But before he can meet his eyes, another hero steps in.

Shoto Todoroki enters the fight against Shigaraki, with a wall of ice that saved the Yuei professor just in time. The boy will certainly be useful thanks to his potential and be another disruptive element for Shigaraki who wants to get Midoriya's One for All.

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