The race to decide who will be the next tenant of the White House has begun. Both candidates, Donald Trump for the Republican Front and Joe Biden for the Democratic Front, were formed. As usual, Donald Trump lets himself go in his speeches and triggers controversies in which he recently participated Scott Snyder from Batman.

After evoking Jim Starlin’s comic book responses and comparing himself to Thanos in a video, Donald Trump appeared in an interview with Laura Graham on Fox News in which he specified that he believed there were some characters behind Joe Biden. work in the shade. In fact, there seems to be one during the speech strong reference to Batman and his enemies of the Court of OwlsThis refers to men in black who control his political opponent and know what is going on on the streets of the United States, but cannot give away any more as the whole thing is being investigated.

The Trump’s speech then sparked reactions from the networkStart with the reflection of Scott Snyder, the writer of several Batman stories. In particular, it was he who created the group of enemies of the bat man and was accompanied by Greg Capullo in the adventure. This was followed by a series of tweets from various fans making fun of the current US president and his Batman quote. Who knows if Donald Trump knows his comparison with that Enemies that have infested Gotham.

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