While one of the most violent and intense sagas in the entire series continues One hit man, who puts several heroes to the test who are forced to exceed their limits in order to face monsters at the highest level, the designer Yusuke Murata has decided to celebrate the summer with a sensual illustration dedicated to the experienced heroine Fubuki is.

The intensity and the rapid pace of the war between the heroes, including several members of the Association's S-Class, and some particularly dangerous monsters of God-Misfortune level, of course, left no one to rest. However, the mangaka Murata has chosen to break this continuum by presenting Chapter 147 entitled "Ambush", with special illustration.

As you can see in the @Valdezology post below, the artist portrayed has Fubuki in a bikini, in the middle of the summer break, far from the chaos and destruction of the battlefield. This is another homage to the powerful Esper, for which Murata himself, as the user emphasizes, seems to have a weakness. What do you think about this unique festival of summer at the mangaka? Let us know with a comment below.

We also remember that Dynit released the trailer for the second season, leaving you with an excellent female cosplay dedicated to Garou.

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