The War for Wano's Supremacy is also entering its final phase in the anime ONE PIECE. After numerous troubles, the samurai led by Kin'emon and the Mugiwara have landed in Onigashima, and Luffy has made a dangerous and hasty decision: to infiltrate the banquet of the traditional fire festival.

Despite the attempt by Luffy and his allies, merge with the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, with disguises based on their style, the protagonist, impressed by Kaido's subordinates' little respect for food, decided to intervene directly. Turn it out loud Luffy therefore caused a sudden change in the atmosphereand turns the celebration into a battlefield.

The Mugiwara captain's goal remains the same, the emperor Kaido. to achieve face him face to face and free Wano from his tyranny. However, his journey is interrupted by Scratchmen Apoo, the captain of the on-air pirates and key contact person for the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts.

Episode 986 with the title "Face the music! An ability that hurts Luffy!“Promises to be full of action as shown in the video below as Zoro, his captain, and Eustass Kidd face a potentially deadly opponent, the he bases his techniques on sound waves and music.

Remember, Nico Robin's determination came through in chapter 1020, and we leave you to Oda's thoughts on the jobs the Mugiwara would have in the real world.

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