As many will surely know, this is from Naruto is a franchise company that has established itself over its long and ongoing history in the industry as one of the most important animated and printed products of all time, an epic poem that has captured readers and viewers from all corner of the world.

The work actually managed to enchant a limitless audience thanks to its myriad of merits, including beautifully characterized characters - reproduced in countless cospleys and fan art - and a story that is as fascinating as it is exciting. In particular, the brand has seen an infinity of simply memorable clashes that do not bring challenges that have remained in the hearts of many fans.

Among the many, there is also the battle seen as protagonists Kakashi and Obito, a battle known to the public and which one fan in particular - known on Reddit as UrSain - tried to reinvent through a fan-made animation. The result, as seen at the bottom of the news, while still seeming "crude" in several ways, deserves all the credit it has received, especially if viewed as such It was created in 26 strenuous hours of work for a total of 290 frames used, a dedication to say the least.

Before we say goodbye, we would also like to remind you that a magnificent Naruto Shippuden-themed statue was recently unveiled, specifically dedicated to Hashirama.

Kakashi vs Obito handmade animation that I'm working on. Thanks to everyone from this sub who support me! about 290 pictures - 26 hours of work. by r / Naruto

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