This review of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter yet, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.

chapter summary

It's game time, the different teams are made up of different students from different classes and sections. Urushi and Tanaka are on the same team, white, and when they try to win they will see opposites, she is not athletic and he is very good at sports. Despite the clumsiness and slowness, Tanaka promises to regain the lost distance, and in the final test there must be a quest: "Bring something tender", he decides for her and together they win these games. However, the shogi club is still not recognized and they must have two more members, for which Tanaka asks Takeru to join, which he accepts on the condition that he is a ghost and that's fine, both boys have their reasons for that participation. Urushi is happy.

Chapter Opinion

Diabetes is also invading my being. The whole chapter seemed sweet and tender to me, even Takeru's romantic interest being Sakuraku (a character too broken for those power scales I'd say). I still keep the same position on the opening and the End, in the long run I will appreciate the first for sure. The animation still seems regular to me, it's not like they need that much either, it seems to work for me, although I would have liked a little clearer, more cheerful color palette, because with what they show I have the feeling that something bad is going to happen. I don't know if it was my phone or the player I was watching the chapter on or the chapter itself but there was an abrupt animation where there was no movement but some sort of teleportation but as I said, I don't know I don't know if it was on my side. the rest all OK.

games and clumsiness

Since they are in high school there are many other activities that they can participate in as we only saw one game Shogi and in the park and almost at the end. The competitions were given out which is rare as this comes later in some animes. They go along with everything and it seems good to me because we already know they like each other and I suppose in the long run they will talk about why Tanaka likes Urushi and why Urushi likes him so much. ShogiI would like to see the latter.

When they went to the games, Urushi's clumsiness was clearly on display, even when they did the "three legs" they both fell on their faces, which made me laugh and again I found it too cute. The nature of the character is cliche in anime, and it may or may not work depending on how you work with her, and it seems to me that in the case of Urushi it works well, her clumsiness does not become hateful, it makes her more affectionate.

Something sweet

In the last review I said I would talk more about Tanaka and here it is. He is cold and serious, but because of this it is not possible to know or be sure if what he is saying is serious or a joke, like these urushi "jokes". He is very athletic, he was there kendo for many years and decided to leave it, but I wonder if it's all 100% for them senpai. In the end I'd say it's very transparent, but I feel like it holds secrets, especially from the past. And I say it's transparent precisely because the chapter pointed out "he's bringing something delicate," and he hardly doubts it, he immediately goes up to Urushi, attacks her, and they go to the finish line together. That felt like, I like you, you're cute, you and I together can win (at anything). Too cute this scene, although at the end Urushi wondered if it was something.

Ghost member

Takeru already appears in more detail, which appeared in the last chapter but without much prominence. He stops by the library twice a week and it must be a similar case to Tanaka since he is dating the girl he likes. Sakuraku is such a girl, cute, semi-silent, speaks softly and seems very spoiled, uses hypnosis to avoid going through the manga and forcing? Takeru to feed him in his mouth. In my head I'm with a "GET MARRIED ALREADY!". And well, he's the new member of the Club of shogi and Tanaka's former rival.

Tanaka tells Urushi and she is happy and seeing her happy made him happy. I can understand this feeling well. Anyway, I hope my glucose doesn't spike that much watching this anime.

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