In the last few hours the Marvel Comics has released an unreleased trailer for the first edition of Black Widow, which will be released with a new series starting next September. In addition to the video attached to the news, the publisher has provided an initial summary:

β€œWhat if Black Widow's deadliest enemies find a way to take them down? Find out when this September Eisner award-winning writer Kelly Thompson (Captain Marvel) and aspiring artist Elena Casagrande (Catwoman) Take the greatest spy in the Marvel Universe on a heart-wrenching, exhilarating journey into uncharted territory. Natasha Romanoff's world is turned upside down when the super spy Avenger is trapped in a mystery that even she cannot solve. The first clues to the mission that could spell the end of Black Widow await you in this top secret trailer! "

The screenwriter Kelly Thompson teased that the series has unique features compared to the previous ones:

"It's a pretty bold new version of Black Widow, and I really hope the audience is excited about it. I think it has some new features that make it interesting, just as it will be interesting to discover destiny, that awaits at the end of this game. shocking and very personal story ".

Marvel Comics: USA Agent will be back with a new version this fall. Marvel Comics made big changes in the works for Moon Knight and Manhattan.

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