2021 is proving to be a crucial year for the growth of My hero academia Thanks to the surprising events in the manga, the return of the fifth season of the anime, produced by the Bones studio, and the surprising announcement of the third film in the franchise a few months ago, to which some interesting updates have been released.

It really does seem so The production of the film is proceeding according to planand according to what is reported in the post at the bottom of the news shared by @ Sunma47 on Twitter, the sync sessions for the Japanese version have already started. This is due to the constant work the team has been doing for several months, and most importantly, the wise leader of the director Kenji Nagasaki and Daiki Yamashita, voice of the protagonist Deku.

The entire cast alternates between the episodes of the fifth season and the recordings for the film intensive work sessions, to say the least, in a complex time This applies in particular to the expansion of the state of emergency announced by the Japanese government. This is very important news, not only for fans of the adventure of Deku and his companions, but also for the Japanese animation industry in general, which continues to exist important signs of recoveryDespite the numerous postponements it has had and still has to face due to the spread of the pandemic.

Below is the official recap of the World Heroes Mission: "A mysterious group called Humarize firmly believes in it Quirk Singularity Theory, according to which the quirks unite more and more over the generations and create a force that can end humanity. To save everyone, Pro Heroes around the world are asking UA Academy Heroes in training to help them form a hero team. It is therefore up to them to save the world and the future of the heroes in the seemingly greatest crisis of My Hero Academia. "

We remind you that a new key visual has also been released for the film and leave the details to Soul, the new character we'll see in World Heroes Mission.

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