In November, John F. Walker (US agent) returns to the editorial schedule Marvel Comics with a new release. The series is directed by author Christopher Priest and Italian artist Stefano Landini.

The latter has significantly renewed the appearance of the US agent, again masterfully reinterpreted by the inspiration of Marco Checchetto in the cover at the end of the article. Priest made the following statements about the project:

β€œI was thrilled to be working on Captain America again until I realized it was that boy, Cap's cousin, who was frowning and emotionally damaged. But USAGENT presents the writer with the exciting challenge, the myriad of expressions and aspirations from the American dream, how this dream will come or not come true, through the eyes and voices of a nation that often makes war with itself. John Walker is a man who often makes war with himself, so Marvel doesn't know better Protagonists for it. Journey, this stumbling, through the diverse visions of the greatest nation on earth ".

This was instead Landini's intervention::

"I am incredibly excited to be part of this new project dedicated to US AGENT, along with a fantastic staff. The story of Christopher is very intense and full of twists and turns. I can't wait for readers to see it. Eyes die." incredible work we do ".

Marvel Comics: Funko presents a certain Pop of Iron-Man. A few days ago, the author of Ghost Rider confirmed the cancellation of the series by Marvel Comics.

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