Kyoto animation: the studio returns a year after the fire

It was 10:30 a.m. on July 18, 2019, when the world of animation industry was informed of the news of an arson attack in the main studio of the Kyoto animation , in the city of Uji, which caused 36 casualties and numerous injuries.

After months of recovering lost work, and largely thanks to the data on the servers and the support of fans who donated over 1 billion yen, KyoAni seems to have resumed normal production and will indeed be coming soon the latest major project, Violet Evergarden: The Movie, scheduled for September 18.

In order to remember and underline the importance of KyoAni's return, a fan has dedicated three posts to this film, which you can find below. In the second tweet, the user defines @MattHolt The film we remember was finished exactly one day before the fireAs well as the possible main work of the studio, which in addition to the profound and touching topics would reflect the hope and determination of the employees who returned to the workplace with the same passion as before.

While we're waiting for this project, which marks the final return of Kyoto Animation, we'll leave you with the trailer for Violet Evergarden: The Movie and also the dates of Baja no Studio, the new short film by KyoAni, released in Japan on July 23 to celebrate Marine Day.

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