There are only a few manga that can move hordes of users on the net, and haikyu !! it is one of them. The Haruichi Furudate Manga, known in Italy under the title Haikyu - Ace of volleyball, ended the Weekly Shonen Jump after eight and a half years of career. Needless to say, the duration was proportional to the popularity of the work.

That's why the last chapter of Haikyu came !! On MangaPlus, readers were initially moved by the completion of the Hinata and Kageyama story and then wildly on the net. In addition to Reddit and Facebook, an avalanche of tweets from all over the world arrived on Twitter. Thanks to this crowd of fans, I've been in the past few hours Several haikyu hashtags have gone viral.

Many of these tweets contain direct greetings to the author and the work, others have instead made them more colorful with fan art and more creative greetings, others have shared the manga's different covers and references between the first and last chapters. The two protagonists Hinata and Kageyama are of course at the center of many scenes. Below is a collection of these tweets that will be obvious Spoilers for those who have not yet arrived to read the latest chapter of Haikyu.

Don't miss our review of Haikyu, a manga that brought the speaker to Jump's Olympus. In Italy, the work with the coming tankobons is still ongoing Star comics.

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