After a small delay due to the pandemic, the volumes of the Marvel Comics Free Comic Book Day are slowly being published. One of the most anticipated comics is certainly the one it's about X-Men For the first time, this will present to readers what we will see in the X of Swords crossover event.

The history of the X-Men will change fundamentally, with completely unexpected developments such as the arrival of Arakko's swordtails. In the volume of the Free Comic Book Day, dedicated to mutants, we are brought to the omniverse to follow the character of Opal Luna Saturnyne, who decides to read the future of the mutants with the help of special tarot cards.

The cards in question, of which you can find the images at the bottom of the page, show us some images that pertain to certain mutants and, to say the least, the arrival of an epic battle. The first card evaluation, presents Apocalypse and Arakko's High Summoners in front of a huge gorge and seems to be an irreversible change.

The second card, the Four sticks, in which the four horsemen of the Apocalypse appear, can either mean that allies meet or a terrible baptism of fire. The third tarot is hangman, which is usually a form of personal victim. On the map we see Apocalypse, followed by a strange team of X-Men: Beast, Havok, Polaris, Angel and even Glob, who seem ready for battle.

The fourth card represents the eight of the cupsor rather a time of transition and profound personal growth associated with relinquishing some ties after sobering them. The last one is the ten of the swordswho presents us with a beautiful illustration of Apocalypse, Cable, Wolverine, Magic, Captain Britain and many others with swords. The meaning of the last tarot is puzzling, but seems to be connected with it a future betrayal of mutants.

Remember that Marvel showed the covers of X-Swords and that some Dawn of X series titles have been canceled.

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