Among the Japanese animation industry's biggest surprises of 2022, we find My dress up favorite, whose adaptation has rivaled the likes of Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 and Attack on Titan - Final Season Part II. The success of the franchise still resonates well after the anime ended.

My Dress-up Darling's incredible debut on Crunchyroll sparked the boom of the Shinichi Fukuda manga series on which the anime is based. A few months after the end of the first season, theAnime continues to drive sales of the works Paper.

On his Twitter profile, Shinichi Fukuda shared a beautiful illustration of cosplayer protagonist Marin Kitagawa to celebrate the manga series' new record. My dress-up darling, count one a total of over 7 million copies in circulation.

To understand how strong the influence of the anime series was on manga sales, we have to consider that out of those 7 million copies, 3.5 million were exactly half distributed since the premiere of the adaptation, dated January 8, 2022. Since the end of the CloverWorks-produced anime, the final episode aired on March 26, 2022, the manga has sold 1.5 million copies. Let's celebrate too with this My Dress-up Darling cosplay of the explosive Hane Ame.

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