there The war between heroes and villains has started in Season 6 of My Hero Academia. However, the adrenaline of the fight is tempered by an unexpected love story. A Class 1-A student admits to himself that he has strong feelings towards one of his friends.

The My Hero Academia fandom is looking forward to it sentimental scenes between Midoriya and Uraraka or even between Kirishima and Ashido. However, these, the most popular Class 1-A pairs, were anticipated.

After Mirko's brutal fight, My Hero Academia 6x02 moves to the top of Mount Gunga. Here, the squadron led by Edgeshot is tasked with storming the headquarters of the Supernatural Liberation Front. Among the members of the frontline group are students Tokoyami and Kaminari, the latter clearly terrified. To calm his student, Midnight comforts him by suggesting he think about what's on his mind. That Denki's thoughts immediately wander to Kyoka Jirowho agitates for him behind.

The feelings between the two that arise at the time of the school festival seem to be reciprocated. Hence at the end of the war the first official pair within class 1-A of Yuei High School. But it's still early. My Hero Academia 6x03 brings the end of a friendship between a hero and a villain.

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