The master Hiro Mashima, who is currently involved in several projects about his works and is always active on social networks, has found the time to personally evaluate and test a recent change in the visualization of images on Twitter and to publish a sketch Dedicated to the resulting work he became famous all over the world, fairy tale.

In fact, the images of shared posts on the mobile version of the social network should appear less cropped for a few days now than they did in the past, and of course M.ashima did not miss the opportunity to observe the results of this modificationand post the drawing you can find at the bottom of the news.

The sketch was developed vertically to assess the limits of functionality. In what appears to be a sauna, she represents many of the faces that Fairy Tail fans are familiar with, such as: Natsu, Gajeel, Gray and Kana Alberona who dominate all of the others. Despite its ongoing commitments regarding EDENS ZERO, animating the latter and creating designs for the characters of some video games, Mashima has managed to re-engage its community in this new sketch.

Recall that the author recently posted a message of apology for the Guild Master game failure and we leave you to a magical cosplay dedicated to Lucy.

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