ONE PIECE 1036 will be waiting a little longer as a special recap episode aired this week showing the best of the battle between Yonko Kaido and Big Mom and the five iconic new generation pirates, Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid and Slayer. We experienced the spectacular again Battle in Onigashima.

The latest ONE PIECE 1035 show left room for a special episode in which two impromptu narrators, Kid and Killer in chibi version, remind the audience of what has happened so far before leaving room for what is to come.

In the special episode we will therefore review it Luffy's Gom-Gom Red Roc, as well as the other spectacular blows that the new generation of pirates inflict on the two emperors. But even this incredible teamwork doesn't seem to be able to harm the rulers of the land of Wano.

When even Zoro's strongest attack fails, Luffy decides to fight Kaido without the help of others. But after a spectacular exchange of blows, in which Straw Hat uses all his haki well, Luffy is defeated and Kaido's victory proclaimed all over Onigashima. Meanwhile, Kid prepares for a new fight with Big Mom. How will the fight in Wano end?

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