After launching satellite channel Man-ga in collaboration with Yamato Video in 2010, Sky returns to Japanese animation with a new major project. The pop-up channel is coming in September Sky anime series entirely devoted to the Japanese animation industry.

From September 1st to 30th, am Sky channel 113 comes from the Sky anime series, a new pop-up channel with programs dedicated exclusively to Japanese animation. Unmissable cult films such as The Knights of the Zodiac, Lady Oscar, Georgie and many others will be broadcast on this new channel.

With Sky Sport Anime, viewers are enticed to do one thing leap into the past with the cartoons that raised the generation of children born in the eighties and nineties. That Satellite channel schedule It contains, in addition to the historical and popular titles already mentioned, such as:

• cat eyes;
• lumens;
• D'Artagnan and the King's Musketeers;
• Nadia and the Mystery of the Blue Stone;
• Captain Harlock;
• Lupine III the first series;
• City Hunter;
• Carletto the prince of monsters;
• Yattaman and Yatterman;
• The Black Tulip;
• Ken the warrior the origins of the myth - Regenesis

All anime series included in this list are available at Vision also on request. Pending the debut of the channel promoted by the commercial that you will find in the article, we leave you to watch the August 2022 anime of the month on Sky.

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