In the 1980s, the historical series Ken the Warrior was born, even though it was known at home as Hokuto no Ken. His protagonist Kenshiro faced the post-apocalyptic expanses of the earth of the new millennium, defeating enemies and looters and giving them extremely painful deaths.

By being accompanied by the phrase "You are already dead", he put an end to the lives of many warriors, beginning with Zeed's henchmen and the robber himself. But as the series progresses, How many deaths did Ken the Warrior cause?? Let's make a report ranging from the most famous to the lesser characters to get an idea of ​​the deaths caused by Hokuto's beatings.

We start with the first chapter of Ken the Warrior, who has already seen several deaths, and continue with them as the work progresses. Amiba, Jagi, Souther are household names, but they're just a few of the beyond 113 characters who died from Kenshiro. So, Hokuto's fist hit over a hundred enemies, although the number is undoubtedly much higher if we also count the unnamed characters.

I am from this number However, characters like Shin and Raoul have been eliminated who, despite being defeated by the protagonist, decided to commit suicide instead of being killed by their opponent. A very high number that confirms the violence of the Hokuto master.

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