Six active episodes e Spy x Family has already attracted a lot of attention. Most are positive, with lots of affection and love for the main characters of the series. Other times, there have been public issues that have made public the criticism of Spy x Family. But the show goes on without any problems.

With Spy x family 1x06, Anya's entry into Eden is now official, the top-class private school that enrolls the children of society's most influential members, including those of Loid Forger's target. Anya will play a big role in all of this, way too big for a little girl, but since she's already reading parents' minds through her ability, something might be right.

But Anya remains a child, even a very expressive one. Already in the first few episodes there was a multitude of different faces that made her famous, so much so that Shonen Jump + dedicated a popularity poll to just them. With episode 6, in the anime, comes the long-awaited face Heh of Anya in Spy x Familywhich was immediately screened multiple times by all fans, who then took the opportunity to create multiple posts on Twitter.

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