Until the Italian publication of the fifth episode of The Promised Neverland 2Cloverworks, expected on VVVVID tonight at 9 p.m., has confirmed that the anime will be paused for a week with a recap being posted. The sequence number 6 is therefore will not be published on February 12th, but on the 19th at the same time.

Fans have not received the news well since then it seems suggest production problems or other action cutsWe'd like to remind you that you've already made impressive changes in the first few episodes. You can check out a number of fan comments below.

Last December, writer Kaiu Shirai announced that the anime The Promised Neverland would include unreleased scenes, and today we can confidently say that these are not superficial changes. The Cloverworks series completely skipped two storylines and then cut a very important character It is not impossible for the anime to aim for an early ending, perhaps completely original.

In any case, we will remind you of this Next week's recap will be included in an additional episodeand not in episode 6. The episodes of season 2 therefore remain 11, with the sixth scheduled for February 19th.

And what do you think of these changes? Are you going to keep following the anime? Let us know with a comment!

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