By releasing a teaser trailer, Netflix has announced the official debut date of Kakegurui Twinthe anime spin-off series based on the original manga by Homura Kawamoto and Toru Nomura.

At Netflix Festival Japan 2021, the streaming giant announced that Kakegurui Twin will be released in 2022. The platform presented the release date with a promotional trailer: Kakegurui Twin is coming to Netflix on August 4th.

In addition to this very important information that PV footage reveals more details about the series. The music group i β˜† Ris performs the final theme song "Queens Bluff". Rina Honnizumi, Yo Taichi, Yuko Kaida, Aoi Koga, Seiichiro Yamashita, and Rie Takahashi join the voice actor cast.

The production of Kakegurui Twins is entrusted to the expert hands of MAP study. Among the employees there are several personalities who have already worked on the work. Principal Conductor is Yuichiro Hayashi, Director is Kaori Makita. Shigeru Murakoshi is overseeing the scripts, while Manabu Nii is in charge of character design.

A year before Yumeko Jabami attended Hyakkou Private Academy, Maria Saotome started her career as a player. Will the girl be able to get rich thanks to ingenuity and luck? Kakegurui Twin is a prequel spin-off of the popular original manga. In anticipation of summer debut, here is a cosplay of Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui.

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