Unlike Gas and Granolah, the two protagonists of the last chapters of Dragon Ball great who gained their tremendous strength thanks to the Dragon Balls, Goku became the warrior he is today thanks to hard work, intense training and battling against formidable enemies. However, the Saiyan may have found a loophole.

On social media it is Official Popeye site, the strong steel-armed sailor, shared a beautiful fanart created by user @Marcusthevisual. This one depicts the legendary Popeye hero arm in arm with Goku. This makeshift, smiling couple appears to have just completed a workout. When will Kakarot manage to control Ultra Instinct thanks to his colleague's canned spinach? Here is another Dragon Ball fanart depicting Gogeta and Vegetto.

The fanart sees the two shirtless, with Popeye wearing the lower portion of Goku's gi. That Popeye x Dragon Ball crossover however, it does not end there. In other fan art, we see Vegeta in the company of a fierce Olivia, which will most likely inflame Bulma's jealousy, and Goten and Trunks alongside Pea, Popeye's now grown adopted son.

Shared by Popeye's official account, these images have captured the imagination of fans who are now asking for one official meeting between the protagonists of the two works. In the meantime, here's who would win the challenge between Goku and Naruto.

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