After being among the great protagonists of Anime Japan 2022, engage kiss comes back to show off some new, juicy info. The anime series produced by Aniplex will debut in the summer season of the current year.

Recently the production staff shared a second Teaser trailer of Engage Kissthe "completely unpredictable romantic comedy" by A-1 Pictures. In this video we get to know the two protagonists and witness their surprising first meeting. The clip is accompanied by the background music Renai-No, a song by Akari Nanawo used as the closing theme.

The series takes place in a fictional city called Baylong City, an artificial island city that is outside the jurisdiction of another nation. Here, the extraction of an energy resource called orgonium caused the "D-catastrophe". The city streets are overrun with demons that are being confronted by private military contractors. The protagonist is Shu, who runs a small shop. Kisara, a girl who worries about him all the time, works in the small shop.

Numerous iInformation on the cast of the voice actors, which includes Akeno Watanabe, Kenichiro Matsuda and Yoshiaki Hasegawa, among others, and the production. The anime is part of Project Engage by Aniplex and Fumiaki Maruto Project. It also includes a smartphone game developed by Square Enix.

The anime is directed by Tomoya Tanaka at A-1 Pictures Studio. Fumiaki Maruto writes and supervises the screenplays, while Data Tsunaki creates the character designs. Engage Kiss will debut on Japanese TV channels on July 2nd.

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