The Forger family is a happy family. The father, Loid, is a successful psychiatrist loved by many people and works in the hospital helping patients of all kinds. His wife Yor is a woman in her prime who works as a clerk at the Berlint town hall. Finally, there is daughter Anya, a child enrolled in the prestigious Eden School.

there Spy x family so it looks like a family like any other, but nothing is as it seems. Loid is a professional spy trying to thwart a war between Ostania and Westalia, and for this operation he has - unbeknownst to him - adopted the telepath Anya. To complete the whole thing, a mother figure had to be inserted. Yor Briar was chosena woman who is actually an assassin.

Yor has shown his dark side several times in Spy x Family, noting unusual strength and superhuman abilities. Her identity as the Princess of Thorns is unknown to almost everyone, and her victims die the moment they see her. Maybe that has a similar effect Assassin version Yor Forger cosplay created by Shirogane-samathe popular Russian cosplayer.

Meanwhile, problems may arise between Loid and Yor at Crunchyroll.

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