Recently, several countries have started pulling their nails out against some Japanese animation products that they say are negatively affecting teenagers. Death report is Tokyo Ghoul These are just two of the titles that fell victim to the Russian guillotine, but here’s what happened.

We all know what is happening in Australia against anime, products that are at high risk of being wiped off the national soil. It seems that Russia has now also decided to use a hard fist against those titles that negatively affect the youth public. In this case, the allegations are against titles like Death Note, Inuyashiki and Tokyo Ghoul, their violent scenes seem to be imitated by fans. These series are added to other works that had been for the same reason reported by prosecutors to the St. Petersburg courtnamely Naruto, Elfen Lied and the much-criticized Interspecies Reviewers.

The justice system in St. Petersburg commented on the situation with the words: “Each episode contains cruelty, murder and violence“and from December 18, 2020, ben began five lawsuits against about 50 websites. Others arrived yesterday that forced some of the most popular sites to remove Tokyo Ghul, Death Note and Inuyashiki from their schedules. At the moment the series has not been removed from all sites, but the court is also carefully testing this hypothesis as the Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Oba franchise has been the victim of parental allegations for years after several horrific suicide cases, the last of which earlier in the year where A Death Note fan jumped from the balcony of a building with a white shirt and red tie, just like Light Yagami.

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