Not even the Molo saga has managed to give the space that a character like Vegeta deserves within the narrative. Set aside in the final chapters of Dragon Ball Super, Toyotaro and Toriyama must now find something for the Saiyan prince that glows just like Ultra Instinct.

In Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta train again to hone their skills and hone the techniques learned in the final narrative arc. If, on the one hand, Goku learns that Ultra Whis Instinct potentialOn the other hand, the prince of Saiyans appears in a corner to watch from a distance the rival who is overtaking him again.

Acting as Deus ex machina is Beerus who, upon noticing the state of mind of Vegeta, asks if he too is interested in unlocking the Ultra Instinct or not. The Saiyan emphatically rejects this hypothesis as it does not suit his style. This creates one great parallelism between Goku and Whis, able to fight with a calm and peaceful heart, and between Vegeta and Beerus that an arrogant prince and a god of destruction, by virtue of their identity, are certainly not very inclined to assimilate all the nuances of Ultra Instinct, on the contrary, by antithesis they dispute the minimum requirements to maintain this form.

Beerus invites him to practice with him after revealing that a god of destruction has more tricks up his sleeve besides Ultra Instinct, and stealing the techniques he's hiding. Fans have already begun speculating on what the new form of Vegeta might look like and the most recognized and cherished opinion seems to be that of the "Super Saiyan Purple", a marriage between the Super Saiyan stage and the mystical aura of the purple gods of destruction. Just like Goku changed his style again with Ultra Instinct, something like this has to happen to Vegeta in order to please the numerous fan of the Saiyan prince .

And you, what do you think of this theory, would you like it Vegeta Super Saiyan Purple, maybe just with purple eyes and black hair? As usual, give us your thoughts on the possibilities in the section devoted to comments.

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