Among the greatest strategists that Hajime Isayama showed us in the elaboration of his masterpiece, The attack of the giantsThere is certainly Erwin Smith, the former commander of the research corps, who gave everything for the good of mankind, even at the expense of giving up his great dream. But what happened to his body?

In the last season, Erwin was the protagonist of one of the most epochal moments of The Attack of the Giants 3, a Suicide together with his subordinates to distract the giant animal long enough that Levi silently approached behind him. In reality, however, the commander survived the blow The captain still decided to save Arminwho had meanwhile risked his life to rescue Bertholdt and make him the new owner of the colossal giant.

The anime shows that Erwin's body was placed on a bed with a sheet to cover the face. The Research Corps did not have time to give anyone a proper burial. Hajime IsayamaDuring an autograph session in 2018, he responded to a fan who was curious about what had happened to the former commandant's body. Sensei's answer here is:

β€œHe couldn't do it at the time, so Captain Levi brought his bones home some time after the fight to give him a proper burial. Erwin was the only one to receive a special memorial service, although many died at the time. ""

An answer that on the one hand sums up the special bond between Erwin and Levi, but on the other hand regrets the fate of his other companions. And you, what do you think of the fate of Erwin's body? Let us know with a comment below.

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