The stratospheric success of Jujutsu Kaisen continues which, in both print and animated form, has given publishers a lot of satisfaction, but not only ... The fans seem pretty excited too, and the look certainly played a role too. Satoru Gojo showed up in the latest episode of the anime.

Just a few episodes ago, the reason for Gojo's blindfold was revealed, to the great delight of the character's fans, who were finally able to see him without ... But also the last date with the anime, 1x09 The little fish and the law of contrapassosurely did the viewer a favor by showing it to us in a previously unedited (and more relaxed it seems) guise that you can also see in the videos at the bottom of the news.

Obviously me Approve comments There is no shortage of them on the web, and you can find a few below.

""Gojo with a blindfold and upside down hair vs. Gojo with dark glasses and downward hair. No objections! Always charming and super cool #JujutsuKaisen"writes someone on Twitter.

""I'm desperately in love with him @ catgirl4corpse look this is the handsome man I sent you a few weeks ago"Another user comments, to which the tagged friend replies."Stop it, you know how easy it is for me to fall in love with fictional characters".

And then again "Thank you so much! That's too cool","My soul has left me. Tear me apart","This music, this voice, this collarbone is too much to bear!".

And the comment that wins everything: "Congratulations, Jujutsu Kaisen, the only anime with Satoru Gojo".

And you, you've already seen the latest episode of Jujutsu Kaisen? What did you think (apart from Gojo, who agrees on this)? Let us know in the comments.

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