Kohei Horikoshi managed to characterize them in an excellent way My Hero Academia antagonistswho forcibly entered the hearts of fans. To pay homage to the best bad guys, a fan created an exciting video clip.

On his Twitter profile, user @DanchukVova shared a spectacular video in which the members of the Union of Villain clash with the young heroes of grade 1-A of Yuei High School. The clip contains some very exciting scenes drawn entirely by hand from the Ukrainian animator.

The film opens with a focus on the most painful moments that Tomura Shigaraki, the union's evil leader, experienced. Later the focus shifts to Dabi, the protagonist of a strenuous e heartbreaking fight with his brother Shoto Todoroki. Given the recent events of the My Hero Academia manga, it seems that the animator foresaw what will be one of the most anticipated clashes of the next saga.

The incredible work of the user ends with a staging the hard training of Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya, two young heroes who will change professional society forever. And what do you think of this clip? Meanwhile, Dabi becomes a Sith in a cross between My Hero Academia and Star Wars. Let's analyze who would win a duel between Asui and Iida from My Hero Academia.

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