When it comes to the series of Jojo's bizarre adventure There are many scenes that come to fans' minds, many of which are related to the most intense battles that have preoccupied the various generations of Joestar. Among these, one of the most memorable is certainly the one between Giorno Giovanna, the star of Golden wind and chocolate.

A certain scene of the fight has been given a place of honor among the memes dedicated to the series created by Hirohiko Araki, namely the famous seven pages of Muda, a word that Giorno exclaims when he hits his opponent, which is also a clear reference to his father Dio Brando.

Recently, a TV station aired episode 31 of the fourth season of the yo-yo anime and a fan shared the video below, which sparked a number of reactions from other fans and the same American voice actor for Giorno, Philip Reichand pointed out how nervous he was before the episode was released.

From the comments from numerous fans to the original post, the voice actor's work seems to have earned a prominent place among the best moments of Jojo's seasons Air so far. Recall that Diavolo received a great female cosplay and we will leave you to our review of Vento Aureo.

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