Of course, among the characters in My Hero Academia there are some who are bad. Especially the boys of the League of Villains. After the incident with Stain, the name of this organization spread to different circles, which led to the arrival of certain characters.

Among them is Himiko Toga, a bloodthirsty student. Blond, always in school uniform and with a disturbing smile. So far in My hero academia We have seen it in action several times and it is very much appreciated by Horikoshi, who dedicates unpublished drawings to her through his Twitter page. But the fans also take care of the crazy little girl, as there is always cosplay about her online.

Mangoecos is a girl known for the large amount of cosplay she dedicates to the characters from My Hero Academia. We have seen several works by him, recently we were able to appreciate a Mina Ashido in heroin version. Now he's giving us one instead Cosplay on Himiko Toga who has already achieved quite a number of likes on their Instagram page.

With the classic Japanese school uniform, Toga watches us three chains at an attraction in a small playgroundas if he were studying us to attack us. A well done cosplay with a disturbing aura that reflects the characteristics of the character.

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In all honesty, I am already foaming when I think of Halloween cosplays, and I'm not even done with my summer cosplays. Feeling Does anyone feel bloody this year? Or should I turn things upside down? . . . . 📷 // @fxdandy #himikotogacosplay #togacosplay #camiecosplay #camieutsushimi #cosplaygirl #cosplaymodel #myheroacademia #mhacosplay #bokunoheroacademia #bnhacosplay #himikotoga #ochakocosplay #ochakouraraka

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