We're late July, which means the release date of The Attack of the Giants 131 is getting closer. A naturally expected chapter, like it has been for the Hajime Isayama Manga for years, but over time. That each story goes by is becoming increasingly important given the proximity of the end.

in the Chapter 130 of Attack on Titan We knew the real intentions of Eren Jaeger, but also the status of Historia Reiss and his review. The two are central characters in the events and recently joined Ymir, the ancestor of Eldia and the might of the giants. The girl trapped at the crossroads of the paths has given her power to the protagonist, making him a monstrous creature that can influence the colossal giants hidden within the walls of paradise.

These three characters were collected in a single illustration in dark and black tones, with silver, gold and red standing out partially. This fan art, which you can see at the end of an unfortunately unknown author, shows us this three Eldians with a dark and disturbing charm. There are many details on the final chapters, from the bones and the reference to the tree in which Ymir became the giant ancestor, and the child that Historia carries in her body, which can be seen in the upper right corner.

Around and in the circles you can then see various figures and fabrics that are reminiscent of the Germanic and Nordic culture that Isayama often referred to in the chapters The attack of the giants. Do you like this picture?

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