The series created by Kohei Horikoshi is about to begin its most important year. The 2021 of My hero academiaIn fact, it will be marked by the arrival of the fifth season of the animated third feature film and a new manga saga. But not only that, a CGI adaptation has just arrived thanks to a fan.

Instagram user Hannu Koskinen, chief artist of Rovio Entertainment, a software house affiliated with the mobile video game Angry Birds, imagined how the protagonists of My Hero Academia would have appeared in one animated project in computer graphics 3D.

Koskinen particularly focused on the beautiful Nejire Hado. The aspiring heroine who is in the third year of Yuei High School is one of the Future promise of the company the Pro Heroes, not only because of his cheerful character, which can reassure the citizens, but above all because of his incredible individuality. With Wave Motion, she can transform her vitality into pure energy, which she can release in the form of very strong shock waves.

The Rovio artist's latest work also focuses on the characters of Tomura Shigaraki and Dabi, two of the strongest villains who shocked readers of the manga during the final narrative arc. Although a 3DCG project was never mentioned, the protagonists of Horikoshi's work seem go perfectly with these garments, worthy of a Pixar movie. And what do you think you would like to see a series or movie made with this style? Here is the Hagakure Pro Hero costume from My Hero Academia. Ichigo and All Might compete in this hypothetical cross between Bleach and My Hero Academia.

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A contribution by Hannu Koskinen (@hkoskine)

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