The promising start of the new story arc of the animated series by Black cloverWhen he finally returns to adjust the manga's events, he focuses on Yuno's past wrapped in a thick aura of mystery. But the young magician's secrets slowly emerge and lead the viewer to a resounding truth.

The sequences of Black Clover's reopening had already anticipated some of the events that would happen in the course of the new saga, but now one of the central protagonists of the work is finally figuring out what is happening hides in his past.

During the six-month time jump before the start of the Spade Kingdom arc, Yuno was able to Rise through the ranks of the Golden Dawn to become one of the leaders in the upcoming battle against the Dark Triad. Somehow, however, Yuno could be closely related to Black Clover's Kingdom of Swords.

Towards the end of episode 159 of the anime, a mysterious man claims that Yuno belongs to the house of Grinberryal, Family who ruled the kingdom of the sword before the arrival of the Dark Triad. This sensational revelation makes Yuno the dethroned Prince of the Kingdom of Swords. And this is where the opening sequence comes in.

The opening shows the with great emphasis Jewel worn by Yunoand recognized by the mysterious man, a burning kingdom and a smiling woman. This sequence of images seems to have foreseen what the viewer will discover in the future, namely the identity of Yuno's mother and what happened to the kingdom of swords in the past. Continue the captains' attack in Black Clover 278.

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