in the Naruto ShippudenMasashi Kishimoto repeatedly had the courage to shock fans and deprive them of some of their favorite protagonists forever. More than six years ago, the genius of Clan Hyuga left Leaf Village and his teammates from Team Gai forever.

While the disappearance of other characters like Jiraiya was largely predictable, this event literally did shocked the fans the work that had no idea what was going to happen.

The Fourth Great Ninja War withheld many skilled ninjas from us, and Neji is just the last in a long list. After defeating a group of white Zetsu, a member of the Hyuga Cadet House rushed to the aid of Naruto, who faced Madara Uchiha's ten-tails. With the Smile on his faceThe owner of the Byakugan sacrificed himself to protect his loved ones, namely Hinata and the heroes of Konoha.

These Gesture of incredible nobility marks the last act of Neji's surprising development in the course of the opera. From a boy who was convinced that his fate was already written because of his origins, to a hero who is ready to die in the name of brotherly love. And how did you react to this sad event six years ago? The Nine-Tailed Fox unleashes its power in this cosplay bodypaint from Naruto Shippuden. Kakashi and Gai are an unstoppable duo in this Naruto Shippuden character.

6 years ago today we lost Neji ... from r / Boruto

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