It was the center of one of the viral explosions of the past few days: it is Kaiju No. 8, which after a few weeks seems to be a success for Shonen Jump +, Shueisha's digital platform. In addition to Japanese, the manga was previously available on MangaPlus, but only in Spanish and with the title 8 Kaijuu.

Finally, the good news also comes for English-speaking fans or those who prefer to read in His Majesty's language Kaiju No. 8 has been available on MangaPlus for a few days in English. The official arrival, which provided the manga free and legally, was on July 22nd, in which only the first of three chapters on the Japanese counterpart was published.

In this version, however, the manga has been given a new title Monster # 8. A change that destroys the identity of Kaiju, the monster typical of Japanese imagination, and which we have seen in the center of various textures such as Godzilla or Pacific Rim in western entertainment films. Chapter two will be released at 5:00 p.m. on July 29, and a backlog recovery plan does not appear to have been presented yet.

In the meantime, this is about Monster # 8, a manga that Japan has already collected over two million visits with less than three chapters.

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