Weekly Shonen jump It has been renewed over the years, even though it has had several cornerstones at the top of the magazine over the past decade. Naruto, ONE PIECE, Bleach, Gintama and Kochikame have been running the magazine for years, while all popular middle school series are on the market.

Over time, this work has been completed (of course, beyond ONE PIECE) and has new phenomena such as The promised neverland is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. But 2020 of Weekly Shonen Jump didn't leave the magazine alone, as it took away three pillars from recent years and another discreet series. In addition to the two above, there is also Haikyu !! recently completed and the old Ghost Inn - Yuna's Inn.

This created a big hole in the magazine, which was filled with naturally new series. One user has collected the 20 highly released series currently released, and the scenario presented would have been unpredictable a few years ago. Below we see the picture in question with the twenty titles, of which ten were released before 2020 and another ten this year.

An extremely high number since they normally manage a maximum of 3 or 4 series per year. This lets us perceive even more the great renewal that Weekly Shonen Jump has had over the past few years, with a really low average age compared to what the manga serialized ten years ago.

ONE PIECE has been the oldest series for four yearswhile with the end of Haikyu !! (and without Hunter x Hunter) My Hero Academia is now the second longest series. In third place is Black Clover, followed by We Never Learn, which will also end in a few months. This new youth will be able to hold Weekly Shonen Jump?

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