The current saga of Dragonball Super it is surely full of surprises. From a glimpse into the history of the Saiyan to the survivors of the planet Cereal, Toriyama and Toyotaro have deepened the lore of the manga a little. But remember, Goku's story is full of fighting and endless action, and this is the focus of these final chapters.

First Goku gave his energies to the end with the Ultra Instinct, then Vegeta brought out the Ultra Ego, an unprecedented and suitable transformation that brought Granolah into great trouble. but Dragonball Super 75 he did not fail to turn the cards on the table over again at the end to prepare for the development of Granolah. The Cerelean was actually able to wake up the red eye in the left eye as well, which resulted in a significant improvement.

As he himself explains in the chapter, It's not just the Saiyans who can empower themselves. What exactly does that mean? The Cerelean has never really fought and not this way. The one against Goku and Vegeta is his first real fight in Dragon Ball Super and he still has a lot of development potential. In view of his situation and the expressed wish, the one touched by Granolah may not be the real climax his power, since with much refinement of his fighting technique and some other accompanying developments he could acquire skills that could bring anyone into a crisis.

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