The franchise of Demon Hunter achieves important results thanks to the series' ability to adapt to different types of audiences. If many fans, some of whom are very young, manage to appreciate and tolerate some narrative choices, the situation is different for the parents.

The numbers that Demon Slayer: Infinity Train grinds will leave you breathless, and not just because of the recent phenomenon of your name and some of the films Studio Ghiblibut mostly because of its spread amid a global pandemic. If on the one hand the film is critically successful, on the other hand it is impossible to ignore the complaints of the parents who due to the violence of the filmthey can no longer put their children to bed. The question was raised by the "The Japan Times"in an article, from which an excerpt follows:

"Theaters have been filled with parents and children over the last month, but after their return home, more and more parents have said that children cry at night or are too scared to go to sleep after watching the movie. Yaiko Watanabe, professor of psychology of Hosei University, told Yahoo! Japan, "Although Demon Slayer is rated PG12 and is therefore safe for parents and their children, the story is violent and the visual display is strong." May have an adverse effect on preschoolers. "

Watanabe added after further investigation that he found this. "The film is aimed at a young adult audience. Compared to traditional children's films, the sound in this case is very loud and the film itself is quite long. As a result, young children will have a hard time sitting still for 117 minutes without the distraction of popcorn and drinks. This is because some, if not all, movie theaters do not allow food to be consumed in theaters. Hence, it is better for parents to take this into account. "

However, not all parents complained about the film; in fact, a large part of the audience found a way to entertain their children in Demon Slayer: Infinity Train as well as in Tanjiro and his eccentric friends. The The Japan Times At the end of the article, the final question arises whether the content of the feature film was too violent or not. The answer is:

"Was the content very violent? Some believe the film is, to be honest, less violent than the cartoon, a point that even Watanabe's eight-year-old son agrees with."

However, in your opinion, are the parents' complaints justified, subject to the PG12 limitation? As usual, let us know your thoughts on this in the section devoted to comments.

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