Chapter 52 of Boruto: Naruto the next generations seems to confirm Naruto's imminent departure. But if the Seventh Hokage really did die, who could reap his legacy and leadership in the Leaf Village?

Fans of the franchise would love to see Sasuke as Hokage, but Uchiha is still cashing in on past mistakes. He also loves wandering the ninja lands and would hate office life.

One of the most suitable candidates is Kakashi, who just like the Third Hokage twould adorn the reins of the leaf after the death of his successor. However, the copycat ninja is enjoying his retirement and doesn't seem to have the slightest desire to come back into the game as the leader.

The heavy burden is therefore it could be because of Sakurawho has already taken a leadership role at Konoha thanks to her medical skills. She was also a student of Tsunade, while the latter played the role of Quinto Hokage. During this time he learned a lot about village management.

So Sakura is one of the most abused characters in the series, eventually referring to her as Naruto's successor increase his status. Who do you think should hold this position? The time available to Isshiki in Boruto is almost over. Meanwhile, Jiraya and Tsunade are back together in Boruto.

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