Everyone loves Dragon Ball Z, everyone knows him and has seen him at least once in his life. The work created by is so famous Toriyama that even the less accustomed to the anime and manga world know Goku, the hero who saved Earth so many times that we have lost count of it now.

Yesterday we made you listen to the incredible acoustic version sung by Hironobu Kageyama of the original theme of Dragon Ball Z, while today we want to remind you what today, May 12, it happened in the world of Goku and his companions. A day that meant a whole timeline the beginning of the end. The beginning of terror and undisputed domination of two beings of frightening force.

In fact it is the day when, as said by Trunks of the Future to Goku once in the past, "A fearsome duo will appear on an island 9km southwest of South City. Monsters with power beyond your imagination." Well, if you still haven't understood it, it's the anniversary of the appearance of C-17 is C-18 on earth. And if in the series of Dragon Ball Super the two have converted to good, we cannot and must not forget what we refer to they got stained and what they did to the world from which Trunks from the future comes.

Currently our heroes are facing an unprecedented threat, one of the most powerful villains that the series has ever shown. However, while everyone wonders how the clash with Molo will end, we must never forget the past.

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