The great work of Masashi Kishimoto has marked an entire generation, becoming one of the best known manga in the world and also one of the most loved in our country. Naruto has meant a lot to many boys and girls and even today, although the sequel is underway (remember that the anime of Boruto is on hiatus), fans miss it.

Kishimoto's work has been capable of divide fans on the ending. Some they appreciated what the master proposed, others a little less, but if there is one thing that the whole world unanimously agrees on, it concerns the appearance of Naruto when he grows up. When the series came to an end and the mangaka He presented to the whole world the protagonist in the guise of Seventh Hokage, everyone would have expected a look worthy of its predecessors, worthy of Minato, one of the most successful characters, both in appearance and in skill, of the entire work.

However the cut short hair and new clothes never have convinced one hundred percent fans who, on the contrary, expected something more in line with the original appearance of the character. Since that day, dissatisfaction of fans poured into the multitude of fan art that was made on adult Naruto. This same sentiment pushed the Instagram artist, pumiih, he gave us his personal version of the current Hokage, which you can find at the bottom of the article.

As you can see, the ninja has the classic cut that we have come to love in Naruto Shippuden, with a longer forelock that falls on the forehead cover.

Have you ever thought about how Sasuke could look drawn with the style of other famous series? Anyway, what do you think of the version proposed by pumiih? Write it below in the comments

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